Hey Family,

2019 is off to an amazing start for us as body. We have declared 2019 to be the year of Manifested Promises. Additionally, we are believing God for the amazing as we strive to become people who desire to do His will above all else. So for 21 days, beginning March 3rd at 9:00pm, we are joining together for a time of prayer, fasting and personal devotion.

During this time, we will be participating in a simplified Daniel Fast and this guide will serve as a companion to help you along the way. Whether you have completed a season of prayer and fasting before or this is your first time, this guide is designed with you in my mind so that you can start where you are and experience God like never before.

In the following pages you find practical guidelines to help you navigate through your personal journey. And as you read over the information please be sure to consider how it may apply to you and your own personal circumstances and/or convictions.

It is my prayer that during this time, you would not only experience God in a new way as you commit yourself to Him, but that you would also be open to all that he has in store for you. Remember, no eye has seen, no has heard, and neither has it entered into the heart of man what God has prepared for those who love Him! I believe in you and I look forward to seeing God do some amazing things in your life!

With Love,

~ Pastor Rondell I. Davis

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